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I’ve talked before about how I date my writing career not from my first official published book (which is, nevertheless, a huge milestone) but from my first fanfiction efforts way back in 2001. The evidence is all gone now, thank merciful Christ, but those were still the days that began the grueling and still-ongoing process of teaching me how to make words line up good. That means that, as of today, Catherine-the-writer is now eighteen years old.

To celebrate, I’m going to be sharing some news I’m excited about. I’m compiling a series of short stories!

These are going to be free stories, released once every month (if all goes as planned) and featuring characters, settings and ideas from my SSR novels, Thief of Midnight and Fell the Angels. My goal here is to expand the universe of those novels, providing an introduction to the world and telling some fun short adventures. You won’t need to have read the books to understand these stories.

(Though if you want to pick up the books afterwards, I sure wouldn’t mind!)

The goal of the SSR books has always been to tell the stories of people who are not the best ones for their job. In no sane world would an overworked single mother, a Shakespearean actor with an unstated personality dysfunction or a John Sawyer be the ones relied on to save their community from the hungry dead or the rampaging bogeymen. But they are the ones who stumbled on the secret, and they are the ones who decided they weren’t going to let others be victimized by the world of the inhuman. The SSR books, and these tales as well, are something of a love letter to the average joe of the urban fantasy world.

Each of the five stories will focus on one of the main characters from the novels. You’ll get to meet these characters in their own adventures, learn a little more about them and see more of the monsters and magic in their world.

Right now, this is the planned release schedule:

February 28th: A Shrine on Harrison Street (Abby Marquise)

March 31st: Customer Disservice (John Sawyer)

April 30th: Babysitting (Adam Starczynski)

May 31st: My Lovely Assistant (Marotte)

June 30th: Dummy: A Tale in 206 Parts (Dummy)

See you on 02/28! I’m looking forward to sharing more of this world with you. 🙂