Happy Halloween! Tonight the world is filling with smiling skeletons, sexy zombies, adorable baby vampires, and every other thing that mixes the gruesome and morbid with the fun and cheerful. Perhaps I ought to be annoyed (I’m in the “Halloween should be scary” camp myself) but I can’t help it: I’m having too much fun. After all, combining the mystic and the everyday is exactly what urban fantasy does, and I love watching people embrace the contradiction. Happy Halloween, guys! Remember that one day all of you shall come to dust! Yay!

I was going to post a picture of my Jack o’Lantern, but it was meant to be Imhotep from The Mummy and came out looking more like the guy from The Scream getting his toe stepped on. Then I was going to post a picture of my cat in an adorable costume, but he’s twenty-two pounds of angry and pointy on five of his six ends; I know when I’m beaten. So I’ll settle for wishing you all an excellently spooky night filled with ghaisties, ghoulies and wraiths of all description. Remember that tonight the dead walk … and that tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo. God help us all.