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The cover of my first romance novel–well, urban-fantasy-with-romance-elements novel, really–has been a bit of a running joke in my phone conversations with family over the last few months. After only one prior publication, the idea of choosing cover art is still a little foreign to me, and cover art depicting main characters even moreso. Would there be mullets? Was that still a thing in covers? I filled out the forms with my requests and thoughts for the cover art, but wasn’t sure what to expect.

Well. Today I got the final version of the cover art for The God Collector, and there’s nary a mullet to be seen. Am I fine with that? Yes. Do I love it?

Yes. Yes, I do.

I have no words. Unless "whoa" is a word.

I have no words. Unless “squee” is a word.

The red and gold especially made me very happy. The importance of color and warmth are recurring themes in The God Collector, and as in the book, the liveliness of Theodora contrasts brightly against the dreamlike world of snow and shadows. I think I owe Samhain’s art department a big, big cake.