My name is Catherine Butzen, and I write stories. I never consciously decided to take this tack with my life; it just seemed to happen, and I can’t say I regret it. I tell stories because I love stories.

I was born in January 1988 and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, as the fourth of five children. Unlike my siblings I started reading late, but my parents had already instilled a love of stories thanks to their habit of sharing books with the family. After dinner, two or three of us would do the dishes while the rest took turns reading aloud from the book of the moment. Family outings took advantage of the cheap yearly memberships at the museum campus, and I quickly developed a taste for history and weird trivia. Somewhere along the line I began making up stories, and before you knew it I was declaring an English major and scribbling notes about a family of bogeymen that resembled a mafia. Fate: sealed.

My first book, the urban fantasy-horror story Thief of Midnightwas published by Stark House Press in 2010; a sequel is forthcoming. Urban fantasy is my passion, but I also crossed over into paranormal romance for The God Collector, which has been contracted by Samhain Publishing and is coming out next year.

Today I write to entertain. Whether I’ve succeeded? Well, I leave that up to you. I’ll be blogging here intermittently to share book news, interesting tidbits, writing notes, excerpts, and other bits and pieces.

I should probably apologize for or justify the blog title, but honestly? I just like terrible puns.